Are There Any Rules Governing No Deposit Bonuses?


No deposit casino bonuses are a great means of ensuring you have a safe start to your online gambling experience at an online casino. This helps especially given that the casino you are at is a new one and it could take a while to familiarize yourself with the casino and its games and promotions. A no deposit casino basically prevents you from experiencing the feeling of being thrown into the deep end when you do not know swimming.

So how do you play with a no deposit casino bonus? Are there any rules or guidelines in general that you can refer to while playing with this bonus? While there are no hard and fast generic rules to follow while playing with a no deposit bonus, there are a few things you can follow to ensure the experience is fun and a smooth one.

Basic No Deposit Bonus Rules

There are a few basic rules or guidelines you can follow while playing with a no deposit bonus. The first thing you need to do is ensure that you have gone through the terms and conditions attached to the bonus thoroughly and carefully. This is important because there are a lot of things mentioned there that you may be otherwise unaware of. For instance, the wagering requirement: imagine you are not aware of the wagering requirement for the bonus and go ahead and play using it; you may end up not winning anything at all.

Check the games that are covered under the wagering requirements and under the bonus, and stick to those games. Playing any of the other games while the no deposit bonus is in play is a complete waste of time, because anything you win on those games will not count. For instance, most casinos forbid play on progressive jackpots under this bonus; so it would be foolhardy to jump at the first progressive jackpot you see in the hope of winning something big without any investment from your end.

Some More No Deposit Bonus Rules

Think your game and play strategy through before you get down to using the bonus. There is no fixed way this works for everyone; different people have different perspectives. You need to figure out how you are going to use this bonus before you get down to the business of playing. Planning may not always result in you becoming a winning machine, but it will definitely allow you to play with the no deposit bonus longer, which is a great thing because it means your chances of winning go up. On the other hand, it may not make sense to plan a long-duration play when the bonus is available only for an hour. That is why basic play strategy is very important.

Ensure that you have the right bonus strategy and spend the minimal amount of time possible in figuring out the rules and strategy. If the bonus available is free spins, all you can do is ensure you are at the right game and get down to the business of playing; it does not make sense to spend too much time strategizing for this, considering the fact that the spins are random.